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"Give me an Ideal, and we will give you an intelligent factory."    Li Liangyou, a young university student, started his business in 2003 and has taken root in his development. From Jialiang to Heliang, he has been focusing on the technology research and development and market development of process and preparation in the subdivision of pipe shaping processing for 20 years, and takes it as his responsibility to realize turnkey projects for customers. Using digital management to form a unique core competitiveness, and grow into a professional tube processing solutions provider, serving major industries such as automobiles, household appliances, aerospace, and equipment. The market segment size, technology research and development capabilities and other strengths are in the forefront of the country.   Heliang Intelligent Equipment is a solution and complete equipment provider in the field of fluid piping system forming and processing. The company has always focused on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent equipment for special-shaped pipe forming and processing. The four main fields of automobile system fluid pipeline, water heater system fluid pipeline, and aerospace system fluid pipeline are intensive cultivation, continuous improvement, and insist on survival by quality, benefit by management, and development by innovation.   Main machines: pipe bending machine, pipe end forming machine, spinning machine, all-in-one machine, automatic production line, robot integrated production line, and information equipment: CAM simulation, machine vision, 3D imaging measurement and inspection, electronic signage, etc. 

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Zhejiang Heliang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

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