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In spacious plant, a variety of modern equipment arrangement, orderly. A small number of workers either stare at the display screen, or operate the computer. At the command, initiate "industrial robot general mobilization", large and small machines in turn, on the assembly line feeding, processing, assembly, testing, and other links automatically completed, products packaged out of the fast pace......




Use part geometry or 3D model data to immediately create a part machining program. Simulate and quickly check the feasibility of part processing. Show possible

Interference and avoidance measures. Accurately calculate the beat time. Animate the bending process sequence of machine tools, dies and parts. Visualize conflicts or allow software to automatically select

The most efficient process sequence. Reduce response time to customers.

1、Bending Simulation

Input X, Y, Z coordinates or Y, B, C parameters to automatically generate the pipe model; Built in pipe bender model database and mold database; It can be realized through software

Now the bending process is simulated by animation, interference and collision are checked and displayed, and the bending process path is optimized. The purpose of automatically generating bend simulation report and process analysis report is achieved.


2、 Spinning Simulation

Simulate the forming process of pipe spinning, optimize the tool path, and automatically generate process parameters and NC code to achieve virtual manufacturing of spinning.



3、End-Forming Simulation

Simulate the change of pipe wall thickness and material fluidity during pipe end forming, predict forming defects, and optimize die structure and process parameters.



Tube 3D measuring system


High precision measurement of 3D coordinates of curved pipe fittings.


1. Fast pass measurement.

2. No special fixture is required, which can replace mechanical inspection tools.

3. The process deviation value is automatically generated.

4. The process deviation value can modify the process parameters in NC of pipe bender in real time.

Safety & identification

Provide visual range detection, face recognition, security area recognition and other security protection level improvement and enhanced customization.



face recognition


security area recognition


safety laser scanners

Electronic Andon

E-kanban is a form of visual management, that is, it clearly shows the status of data, intelligence, etc. It is mainly a transparent management activity for management projects, especially intelligence.





◆ intelligent manufacturing, digital chemical plant and Internet+

◆ Adopt standard encryption algorithm, which is safe and reliable

◆ Tool based data collection and analysis

◆ Remote fault diagnosis, real-time monitoring and early warning

◆ Online debugging and function modification

◆ 3D model import and online simulation

◆ Third party interface, rapid mobile application development


Now, it has cooperated with ABB industrial robots to provide customers with services such as stand-alone robot sales, integration services, and robot production lines.


The maximum arm span is 4.2m

Load up to 800 kg


Main product: IRB1200/IRB1410


More robot brands will be supported in the future

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