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Tube end forming machine


1. By product category:


Conventional expanding tube end forming machine, upsetting and spinning combined tube end forming machine;


2. By processing station:


Single station, double station, three station, multi station, integrated machine;


3. According to the processing method:


Direct punching, rotary punching, cutting, rotary hammer, rotary groove and crimping;


4. According to the forming method:


Necking, flaring, extruding, heading, spiral groove, flat head chamfering and fastening;


5. By processing capacity:


Type 16, 25, 30, 40, 60;


6. According to main power:


Pneumatic, pneumatic, hydraulic, all electric, servo pump, asynchronous motor pump;


7. According to transposition:


Servo mold change, rotary chuck type, hydraulic mold change, pneumatic mold change;


8. According to die layout:


Vertical, horizontal and composite;


9. According to the clamping direction:


Vertical clamping mold, horizontal clamping mold;


10. According to the number of clamping dies:


Single clamp die, double clamp die, multi clamp die;


11. Divided by punch feed:


Single action and integral feed of punch;


12. According to the feeding method:


Manual, vibrating disc and hopper.





Simple operation, man-machine touch interface, pedal or button can be added as required.




The safety protection level can be customized.



Wide range of applications, can process various pipe end shapes; It is complete in variety and can be configured according to customer needs.




Various automatic nesting mechanisms can be collocated at will, and interfaces for later automatic transformation can be reserved.




Tube end forming machine
with expansion and reduction

Fully automatic pneumatic (type 12/ 16)
direct punching or rotary punching;
Single station or multi-station;
Vertical or horizontal. 
Fully automatic hydraulic (type 20/ 30)

Tube end forming machine
with direct punching

Servo multi-station(type 25/ 30/ 40/ 60)

servo pump or normal pump;
movement for each tooling or for whole tooling

Vertical or horizontal;
Single clamp or double clamps;
chamfer or rotary punching
9+1 working stations maximum.

Tube end forming machine
with vibrator bowl

Single station

Each One tube

Double material single head

Each Two tubes





Tube end forming machine


Capacity (tube diameter) : 016/020/025/030/040/060


Forming method: 0-direct punching, 1-rotary
punching or chamfering;
Num of workstations: 1-single, 2-double,max=9.


Stamping die layout: 1- horizontal, 2- vertical,
3- circumference;Clamping layout: 1-horizontal, 2-vertical,
3-horizontal double clamping, 4-vertical doubleclamping.


Automatic feeding mechanism model:
000- manual loading;
090- max. Length 90mm;
300- max. Length 300mm;
1500- max. Length 1500mm;

Sample tube display

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